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long-distance relationship


today marquinten did not want to read
his poem in front of the class. he asked
sidney to read it in his place. he
did not want the other kids to see his face
when he told them his daddy is in jail,
his daddy is tall, his daddy is the nicest man
you will ever meet. i have two uncles. one
is in jail. one is tall. one is the nicest man
you will ever meet. he knows all my secrets.
each time i have been in love he knew my man
by name and description, the pitch of my cry,
the quiet of the truth when it finally came.
he calls me every day from an unknown number and
a recording tells me to press five to hear his voice.
he tells me to write and send pictures and poems.
he tells me to tell my man hi. he is nothing
like my other uncle–the one with the house. the
investments. the endless advice. the success
that could not buy him a kinder heart. he faults
my uncle bilal for getting lost in the dark but
it’s my uncle bilal who smiles using every muscle
in his face. this one is warm inside. he gives real hugs
hugs like i haven’t felt in so long
so far away. he says he’s trying to get transferred
to texas. he knows i’ll come see him. he knows
i love him.

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