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Of Brothers and Lovers and Strangers and Friends and Foes


Why is it in groups men extend their hands
To each other and say I wanted to intoduce myself,

We were standing beside each other.
? All the time, this. Tonight one ignored the woman

To the right and acknowledged the man on the left
Who nodded to the woman to affirm her existence.

Rare breeds are those who see the light during the day
Lights are so bright when you are drunk and high

At weddings and the bride is so beautiful
You just want to be her but then there are men

In a circle with rhymes like they got something to say and
You just want to yell Shut up, stop talking

About Illuminati and your hoes and
The fun you had at the bar.

All these words swimming all night inside
Like fish without water to breathe flipping and flipping

Up and down and me the only one
To feel their ripples in the air…

The women who stand with the men in their circle
Instead of behind or on the sides

Always have it the hardest–
We hear and see everything.

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