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notes from biology 1409: god in my ears


this morning
god woke up
and saw earth
and saw the humans
and said you and you
and you who have two arms
and two legs and
no reason to be sad
will cry today.

you there, girl,
you with the flower
and the eyes starin
out the door, remember
last night. remember
your poem. put in it
all those things
you didnt write or
say up on that stage.
remember her hands.
remember her hands.
remember the softest
collection of atoms
i have ever made and
remember that i gave them
to you to touch and rub and
hold walkin down the street
with those fresh, little girl
eyes. think on the fact
that none of your cousins
or brothers or sisters had her
like you did. know that even
if you think time is cruel
it was on your side. those others
never saw her in her slip.
she didn’t feed them.
she didn’t dress them. they never
had to pull their own switch.
they didnt feed her or help her dress.
they werent there when i made her sick.
she was yours. i gave her her to you
so you would know grace. when i take
know that i am giving. look up
from that seat with those fresh,
little girl eyes and forget
that man in front of the class.
he cant teach you what i can.
he cant make you cry.

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