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Of realizing it’s time for fireworks


I was just sleeping
Dreaming about the fireworks I’ll miss
Drifting out and almost back to consciousness
When Frida put her paw to my lips
Because my hand went still.
We like to sleep close
Sometimes with noses all but touching
When she isn’t playing Little Spoon or
When we aren’t just this far apart
That her outstretched arm
Can remind me that I live.

I was just sleeping
Dreaming I was Denton
And it was today
And people were protesting in the streets
Holding up signs with rainbows and
Yelling at cars and I felt bad because
The one I was in
Was moving farther away.
I tried to say to them
That they were beautiful
I’m on your side
But there’s another fight
I gotta try to win.
Their voices were big
Faces no smiles
Couldn’t tell me from one of them
Foolish people think the earth is just
Seven thousand years old.
Car took me to a court house
Inside a room
People sitting in those flimsy
Fold up chairs everybody there
To talk about babies
And the right to life
And a woman owning every inch
Of her insides.
And I did fight.
Gave a man some judge
Looked like Clarence Thomas
But stuck here from less school
Less connections somehow
same amount of asshole gave this man
A black eye with my mouth.
Me shouting crying standing up
Arms all in the air him
In his chair smirking arms crossed
Thinks he so charming thinks
He can charm me because
We’re the only two in the room
With brown skin so thinks
He can bring me to his side
He can win me over
If he just talks slow and soft and
Keeps on that ugly, crooked smile.
Bile in my stomach for this man

When I was just sleeping
Dreaming and my phone sang me awake
Manu Chao in my ears
La Primavera in this summer heat
My little artist purring in my face and
Then my mother is saying
She just called to hear my voice.
My mother is such a good mother
I can’t even imagine what she’s like
As somebody’s lover. Once I saw
In that way you can see but still
Never know I saw true love
From the storybooks– he taught her
How to be free and he taught me
How to love a father when
Mine was nowhere to be seen.
Good teacher and amazing man–
God likes to take away the best ones first
leave us thirsting for more teachings
But they done learned
All their lessons.

I was just just sleeping
Dreaming and writing
At the same time
When my mother called to remind me
It’s the 4th of July
Just by saying I love you.
One 4th I wrote a poem
Because I missed my family and
I couldn’t be happy with them
So far away living
In a another state
Growing some garden
I didn’t know how to tend.
And now I have them
And I was just sleeping and
Dreaming letting the tired
Keep me down instead of singing
Bad radio songs with kids
Who got no taste in music–
I must be crazy.


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