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The Discovery of Music and its Perils


When I drive alone at night
I don’t listen to a CD or NPR.
I have on Classical WRR with
Windows rolled down. I like
Being blind to the next song and
Sometimes it’s nice not to know
The news. The music they choose
To play in the dark is softer– no
Marching bands or Mozart or
Playgrounds full of children.
These swings are empty and
The grass now is cold and thoughts hum
With the symphony I told to stay quiet.
They’re defiant, dancing close with arms low
Around waist while John Williams plays
Over the sounds of my car.
I discovered him tonight
Like Columbus discovered America
On his boat that should have sank.
Land stretched out before me of piano cello
Flute, so many bodies I can’t name
Older than me but new because
Now I can use them as I see fit.
Slaves who I grew up with but
Never really knew just admired
For their perfection at their tasks–
Make me forget how to laugh
Keep me sad so I’m not guilty
Of forgetting all those things
Undeserving of a smile.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hey you got it right! Remember when you forgot and thought it was the pilgrims that discovered America and not Christopher Columbus? Lol. Beautiful poem. 🙂

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