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More Proof


I celebrated my Nana's birthday with Sandra Cisneros.

Is this how twelve-year-olds feel when they meet Stephanie Meyer?
This woman of mere flesh and bone
blood running through veins just like me
but somehow more, woman whose work I adore
so much that I can’t stop crying so near her smiling
glad to receive my tears.
All fears of tripping over words faded
with each step closer heart pumping
stomach jumping soul eager to express praise
I never hoped to share.
She was shorter than me and
bigger than the building that housed us
from the Decemberspring air.
Night like a dream:
her arm around my shoulder
her lips asking me if I write- surely
there is a God who allows life to be so beautiful.

Thanks to the Latino Cultural Center for the opportunity to meet such talented artists. Milagritos is waiting for you.

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