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something about binders…

it’s crazy how words are said
then so soon read turned
into twisted captions for ohsoclever pictures.
ten-million likes right after mistake made
like a man who cheats and is sorry
but still meant every kiss.
i missed the debate but
who needs to see or hear or find out anything for themselves
with facespace around to confirm solid thoughts,
bits of truth you already knew and are so sure of
that the desire to be the gardener who grew that idea
is rooted firmly in minds’ thirsty soil.
i should delete my account each time i disable but
i’m not strong not alexander supertramp
can’t go into the wild.
i like to dream but lack the strength to do
and so i live a life where after work i find my mom has paid for cable.
my little sisters keep up with the kardashians and
i am greeted tonight by some thing called honey boo boo.
i’m exposed to sticks who gush over shoes
and children who choose to be brats
instead of anything you’d want to love or keep alive.
and it’s all glorified-
eaten for dinner in my living room and stinking up my place.
my ears hear the smell of rotting fish and my eyes see images
sure to make me into the craggy clint eastwood
who wants you off her lawn,
no return to rainbows or transformation into kind.
i will not give you my heart or leave you my car and
you certainly will not cry when i die.

if you care for me at all you’ll come steal this tv
so i’m not hanged for bashing in the entertainment.

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