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Astrologically (In)correct


My coworker asked me what I was and I didn’t understand.
I mean your sign!
She was surprised that I’m a Scorpio,
couldn’t stop with the Wow! and
looked like someone had turned the world upside down on her head.
I’m too nice and don’t carry the spice
of those ruled by War and the darkness of Death.
When she thought I was a Pisces I couldn’t hide my offense.
I couldn’t pretend that being thought anything else
wasn’t like a shark being called a joke of a clown-
I don’t hide in coral.
such surprise shows she hasn’t read when I write or
spent time with me in bed or seen me upset.
At work I’m all flowers and rainbows and sunshine and
only show the calm side of dangerous seas, but
I am not a Pisces-
I may be like Water, but there is Fire beneath these waves
that burns just as hot wrapped in a colorful box.

Even the cutest of cats still have the sharpest of claws.

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